Descanso Gardens used for different occasions

admin October 31, 2014
the descanso gardens

Descanso Gardens is located in Descanso Drive, La Canada Flintridge, CA is one of the garden that is still around and still expanding since the 1930s. The place itself is used for many different occasions such as to meet a friend for lunch, great place to take a walk, meetings, retreats, grand celebrations, private memorial services and a lot of other events. It is also a nice place for you to take pictures with your loved ones such as your friends and families or even your partners. The garden itself has been voted as one of the biggest gardens with largest collection of camellias in North America.

Descanso Gardens is filled with beautiful native plants and flowers that would be a perfect place for you to just enjoy the beauty of nature while taking a walk especially when you need a time out from the city view. The garden itself offers membership that allows their member free admission to more than 250 botanical gardens across North America and other benefits that is valid for a full year after you join. They also have different programs such as horticulture classes, festivals, concerts, and also lifetime & fitness courses that the members could enjoy.

Descanso Gardens could be the perfect place for you to just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, whether you are doing it alone or with friends and other family members. You could also have a picnic there for lunch that could be good to get your time away from the city while enjoying the natural beauty of trees and blooming flowers surrounding the garden itself. Some people also choose this garden as their wedding venue especially if they love nature outdoor theme for their wedding, this could just be the perfect place for them to declare their love for one another.

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