Enjoying the walking tour of Atlanta Botanical Garden

admin November 5, 2014
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Atlanta Botanical Garden is a kingdom of plant giants that is located in 1345 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30309 United States of America. It is open from 9.00 am in the morning until 10.00pm at night every day for visitors to come and enjoy the magic and wonder of imaginary world of plant sculptures. You would be able to enjoy walking tours with friends and families or by other group through many exhibits and gardens. For many people that love and enjoy the natural beauty of flowers, gardens and trees surrounding them, this place has to be a paradise for them.

Atlanta Botanical Garden offers you with all sorts of different plant sculptures and for you to enjoy everything that nature have to offer you. Not only you could enjoy all the exhibits and plant sculptures outdoor, you could also enjoy them indoor (which is great for rainy season just in case it is pouring down with rain outside). The setting of the garden is definitely something to be excited about, especially if you are spending your time with your loved ones. The ambience and surrounding of the garden itself is pretty romantic which is why a lot of people bring their partners/spouses when coming to visit the garden to spend some romantic quality time together.

Atlanta Botanical Garden has more than 30 acres of beautiful botanical beauty; you would not feel like you are in the middle of the city even though the garden itself is located in the middle of town. It is one of the best botanical garden that is peaceful and quiet that is very enjoyable if you feel like relaxing, spending your time with your loved ones or just by yourself. It has a great atmosphere especially when there is a live performance supported with great venue location.

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