Galley kitchen ideas for a small and minimalist home

admin November 12, 2014
what is a galley kitchen

Galley kitchen could be perfectly suitable for a small kitchen in a minimalist home. It is done so that the kitchen space is used to maximum even though it is a smaller kitchen in size. Most of the kitchen appliances would be hung along with many racks to keep those appliances organized and tidy. It is one of the many ways and design to function a small space with maximum functions. For most kitchens, this term would refer to kitchen with two units facing each other or it could also refer to a U-shaped kitchen. Many different home owners actually prefer this type of kitchen because of their smaller size of home which leads to smaller size of rooms inside it.

Galley kitchen design ideas could feature common components of kitchen accessories and ornaments to be placed in a narrow passageway using two wall features. One wall would feature stove or smaller ovens along with other storage elements and the other would have a sink or any other cleaning purposes along with more storage spaces. If you are renovating or redesigning your kitchen using this kind of design idea, you might want to start at the bottom and work your way up to make your work easier. This way, you would be able to create a more efficient space and design features that could expand your kitchen visually.

Galley kitchen should come in a more light and bright for its base colors. Using lighter colors would tend to open up the space more, which could be great to be done for a smaller space of room. Darker colors tend to make small spaces even smaller which could be really bad for people that are claustrophobic. You should be able to feel comfortable in your own home and this need to also apply when you are in your kitchen, even if you have a smaller size of kitchen. Having everything stored and nicely organized inside the cabinets that you have in your minimalist kitchen could still be the perfect way to maximize the space that you have even if it is a smaller type of kitchen inside your home.

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