Kitchen Theme with Country Idea

admin October 8, 2014
wine themed kitchen

Kitchen theme with the country idea is a very attractive option for you to apply. As you know, country theme is very typical with unique designs and decorations as well as traditional look. This can be seen from the selection of furniture and colors that you will apply to the kitchen. If you want to get a kitchen with a country theme, then you can begin to determine the appropriate furniture. Of course, a country kitchen is obliged to apply a unique furniture design with country chic. You can choose a wooden cabinet country with a gold or yellow color. You can also use a natural color to your kitchen look more attractive. Do not forget, you can also apply a design with farmhouse sinks are very appropriate for a country kitchen. Choose double sinks as a very appropriate choice.

Besides cabinets, you can also apply a kitchen island with a glass surface. Add your two chairs as a place to sit and enjoy the food directly in your kitchen. Not sure you provide the typical country-like sculpture decorating the male or it could be a unique vase from natural ingredients. Kitchen theme with the idea of ​​this country will provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for those who like to cook in the kitchen. For the design of the floor, you can apply a floor with a chessboard shape. This design is perfect for a country kitchen to make it look more unique and interesting. Not to forget, use flooring that is not slippery because it can interfere with your activities.

It is time to pay attention to color choice. Kitchen theme with the idea of ​​a country can be applied to the red and black as the right choice. You can apply black on most kitchen furniture, while red can be chosen to decorate your walls. To add the kitchen beauty, you can also apply a rooster painting on the wall of the kitchen.

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