Magnolia Plantation and Gardens as one of the most beautiful garden in America

admin November 15, 2014
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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was founded in the 1676 by the Drayton family and the Magnolia plantation has survived for centuries and witnessed the history of the US nation. This garden could just be one of the most inspirational and beautiful garden you could ever visited especially because of its romantic surrounding that is perfect if you are having a picnic date with your loved ones. It could be the perfect place for you to spend your couple hours at, whether just walking around the garden or relaxing while reading a book or a magazine and enjoying the beautiful nature that is around you.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens has an entrance fee of $15 and extra $8 if you want to join the tour that they have provided for their customers. By joining the tour itself, you would be able to know more about the history of Magnolias and a lot of other facts about it that you have never know before. A lot of visitors also take a lot of pictures especially because of the beautiful scenery that it has in the garden. If you come at the right season with the perfect weather, you would be able to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the garden with all the flowers blooming.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens could just be the perfect day for you and your family to enjoy especially during the weekend relaxing and just having quality time with them in the beautiful garden environment. The tour that they have inside the garden would include tram, boat, and house and also swamp tours that could be very enjoyable by you and your whole family during your time in the location. The house tour could be one of the most exciting tours compared to the others, especially because of the many exhibit cases inside the house that held some letters from sons to their mothers and sisters during the Civil War. It is highly recommended to visit the plantation during fall and spring season, somewhere near the month of July.

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