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admin April 18, 2015
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Lobby Design Idea must be applied correctly in order to make every person who comes feel comfortable when being in this place. Typically, buildings such as hotels, offices, schools, and other buildings must have a lobby as the room to greet every person who comes into the building. However, to apply a nice lobby not an easy task because it can only be done by a professional architecture. Not only that, the design of a lobby also must be applied in accordance with the concept of the building. Therefore, if a building wants a comfortable lobby, then prepare it well before built it.

Lobby Design Idea with modern concept becomes a very attractive option to be applied. Today, modern lobby design is being popular and become the first choice of modern buildings. The selection of modern furniture and nice arrangement system makes this room feels very spectacular to be applied. Sofa with assertive colors like red and blue can be a comfortable chair for the guests who visit the building with a cool wall color and remarkable lighting system. With the selection of a comfortable sofa, guests will feel more relaxed and comfortable when in this room. This concept is only possessed by the modern lobby design that is cool and extraordinary.

Talking about interior lobby certainly feels less if it does not discuss the lighting system. Lighting is an important factor that will affect the appearance of the lobby. Lobby Design Idea with good lighting will certainly make the atmosphere of the room look cooler. Typically, a lobby with a modern design use LED lights with large glass design that can provide maximum illumination. In addition, this light can also provide chic lighting effects and can make the room look more artistic. So do not be surprised if the LED light with this large glass of choice for the modern lobby.

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