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zilker park botanical gardens

zilker park botanical gardens

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Zilker Botanical Garden has been celebrating its annual festival for more than 50 years that has always been the top of the list of garden-shopping destination especially when spring arrives in the town of Austin and Central Texas. It is a family-friendly event that offers a lot of different things for everyone, from kids to adults. It also has a different theme of Annual Flower Show that features judged designs and different kinds of horticultural specimens. You would also be able to enjoy talks from local gardening experts in the big tent next to the Garden Center that has always been popular each and every year the festival is being held.

Zilker Botanical Garden Festival also has different kind of live performances during the event that offers you with wide ranges of music variations during the afternoons of both days of the event. Your kids could also have fun with the activities that they have during the festival, for example the fun and interactive Kid’s Corner that they provide that teaches kids how to build birdhouses or bird feeders, make butterfly wings or masks, face painting, or learn about different kinds of plants specimens. Not to worry if you are hungry, they also have a Food Court in the Festival that could be enjoyed after a full day of daily activities with your family and friends.

Zilker Botanical Garden is usually closed the day before for public and photographers in order to prepare for the festival itself. Smoking is also prohibited in the location of the Festival, just like the ordinance prohibits smoking in all parks and public facilities. There are many transportation options that you could use in order to get from your home to the garden and they also provide you with many parking spaces if you reach the festival location by car, bikes, or motorbikes. Many vendors of plants, veggies & herbs, orchids, and tropical plants also come from all over the state come to open their stall inside the festival and let the public know more about the many species of plants, herbs, fruits and flowers that they have.